An Introduction

Hello, it's hard to imagine that you've landed here on accident, so it seems only right to introduce myself.

My name in Shawn McCool and I've been involved in software development for some 22 even years.

In the early 2000's I spent 4 years administrating Linux systems for a large web application.

I became gently well known during the rise of the PHP web framework Laravel where I published about the transition of technologies in article "CodeIgniter is Dead" before going on to teach thousands of developers in the Laravel IRC channel. I created the Laravel Podcast, (the community portal), and the Laracon EU conference. Finally I have spent some amount of time the past 10 years traveling and giving talks at conferences.

My focus now is entirely on reactive systems. These systems are called 'reactive' because the react to things that happen. The things that happen are modeled as 'events'. I love everything about event-driven systems and create many projects using event-sourcing, cqrs, etc including web-applications and video games.

In my focus on event-driven systems I created an Event Sourcing Video Course. It was a massive effort that took me over a year to build. The course includes almost 4 hours of video, and a fully functioning example application. I would do a few things differently now, but I'm really quite proud of it and how it continues to stay relevant as technologies quickly evolve.. Some companies use it to onboard employees etc.

I am a long time Linux user (since about 1998), and it's my primary operating system. I run Arch with I3 and a highly customized user interface cobbled together out of open source projects and software that I've been building for years.

In addition to this work I spend time on game development projects. I have been interested and active in amateur game development for some 28 years. I have a number of small videos of my projects on my YouTube channel. I have some gamejam examples lying about as well.

I'm an avid reader. I love Science Fiction and am always working on reading a new novel, engineering book, or listening to new audiobook. My favorite books are Anathem and Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson. I'm currently working on Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace.

I can be reached on Twitter.